The Lamole di Lamole Estate was founded shortly after the Second World War.


The historic winery, in which one still finds today the aging cellars and the vinsantaia (Vinsanto cellar), dates from the mid-fourteenth century; it was part of the Castle of Lamole.

This structure has now been flanked by a more modern winery nearby and by a facility down in the valley, in the area of Greti.


The Estate covers a total of 288 hectares, of which 77 are under vine. The average age of our vineyards is around 25-30 years, with a “peak” of 74 in the upper part of the Il Prato site.


At Lamole, since 2005, we have begun a process of sustainable conversion of the land, which now allows us to cultivate our vineyards in an entirely organic way.


This includes, for example, the use of organic compost, derived from vine prunings and stalks from the harvested grapes as a natural soil improver.

The utilization of “resistance inducers” based on seaweed, aloe and propolis, in order to stimulate the vines’ self-protection systems and make them more reactive to external attacks; and recourse only to natural substances, without having to use chemical products in the vineyards.


All of these practices have as their objective the enhancement of our wines’ territorial characteristics. We are convinced that everything that derives from a healthy environment, managed in an intelligent, measured manner and with respect for the life cycles of its various components, leads to a unique value.