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No photograph or article, however beautiful or well written, will ever be able to convey the full charm of this age-old village, with its vineyards, woods and olive groves. The best way to discover it is to follow the example of the ancient Romans and the thousands of pilgrims who have passed through it over the centuries, ascending from the Greve valley to the natural terrace of Lamole that overlooks the whole of the Chianti Classico zone.

You can choose between two engaging tours that will introduce you to this stunning region. Share the history and explore the authentic winemaking vocation of Lamole di Lamole. Begin your tour in the historical vineyard, visit the winery, and finish at the Salotto di Lamole and our Bistrot for excellent food and wine samplings. Fill out the form alongside to book a guided tour with tasting. We will reply as soon as possible.



The Lamole di Lamole winery
You will be greeted in what we call the Drawing Room of Lamole, before transferring outside the winery, where you can admire the Historic Vineyard (planted in 1945) and the Experimental one. The state-of-the-art vinification cellar acts as a counterpoint to the historic one, where you will see the large casks devoted to the aging of the complex Sangiovese and the barriques for the maturation of our Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Here the “historical memory” of Lamole is preserved: the racks of dusty bottles, memorials of ancient vintages, bear witness to the aging ability of the wines from this outstanding little village. The visit ends in the Vinsantaia, where one of the iconic products of Chianti Classico slowly matures: Vinsanto, with its very traditional method of production.

Lamole: Terroir, vineyards and wines
One of the most attractive views in Chianti can be seen only if you go to the piazza of the little village of Lamole, an ancient rural settlement that is situated on the top of its hill, with the buildings of the hamlet spreading around the Romanesque church of San Donato. It is here that our voyage to explore Lamole and Chianti Classico begins: a visit to the Piazza and to the Church is followed by a detailed description of the unique characteristics of this terroir and of organic vine-growing practices, demonstrated directly in our Campolungo Vineyard. This introduction is accompanied by a welcoming glass of sparkling wine, with a breathtaking view over Chianti Classico. A brief walk through the vineyards will bring our guests to the winery, where the visit continues with the “Lamole di Lamole winery” tour.


1. The Origins of Chianti Classico

Highlights: The “Lamole di Lamole winery” tour: Historic and Experimental Vineyards, vinification cellar, historic cellar and Vinsantaia.
Tasting: 4 wines from our Tuscan estates with small samples of typical local food products.
Duration: 60 minutes
Available: Every day, with prior booking at 11:00 a.m. and at 3:30 p.m.
Price: € 20.00 p.p. 

2. Lamole Experience

Highlights: Lamole: Terroir, vineyards and wines” Tour: Exclusive visit to the Piazza and Church of Lamole and the Campolungo Vineyard. Aperitif in the Campolungo Vineyard, walk through the vineyards to the winery. Visit to the Historic and Experimental Vineyards, vinification cellar, historic cellar and Vinsantaia.
Tasting: 4 Tuscan wines with small samples of typical local food products.
Duration: 90 min
Available: Every day, with prior booking 
Price for the public: € 60.00 p.p.  

3. Chianti Classico Wines & Flavors

Highlights: “The Lamole di Lamole winery” Tour: Visit to the Historic and Experimental Vineyards, vinification cellar, historic cellar and Vinsantaia.
Tasting: 4 wines from our Tuscan estates
Food pairing: A 4-course tasting lunch at our VITIQUE Wine Bistrot, included in the 2018 and 2019 Espresso “Italian Restaurant Guide”.
The transfer to Greve in Chianti is not included.
Duration: 3 hours including lunch.
Availability: Every day except Wednesdays at 11.00 a.m., with prior booking
Price: € 45.00 p.p. 


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