Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC

Vinsanto del Chianti



If the meditative approach dominates the expressivity of Vinsanto, both in its nutty fragrances and in its delicately oxidative flavour, the array of possible combinations suggested by this wine is just as unusual and exciting.


You can start by provocatively serving the vintages with relatively low residual sugar levels at a very low temperature as an aperitif, or you can try an unusual combination with liver-paté hors d’oeuvres, but this Vinsanto achieves its most classic and enjoyable heights when accompanied by pastries with which it shares, in particular, a common aroma and a well-rounded sweetness that is never excessively marked. 


But perhaps this nectar best enhances its ability to complement food and reveals surprisingly deep, dense notes when combined with cheese, either mature with blue-green marbling or soft goat’s milk cheeses.  Or why not just sip it by itself, sitting in front of a blazing fireplace, with a good book and……

Lamole di Lamole Vinsanto del Chianti

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