Vinsanto del Chianti



The life of our Vinsanto begins in the first days that the north wind starts to blow, enabling us – during the harvest – to pick dry, healthy bunches which are ready to be hung up or laid out in the drying rooms. The grapes remain there drying until their concentration of sugars has reached the desired level. They are then pressed very gently, and the must thus obtained is put into caratelli. Fermentation begins, thanks to the high sugar content of the must. After around 16 months the wine is racked in order to clarify it and it is then put back into the barrels, which are hermetically sealed. The Vinsanto continues its maturation in wood for a further 20 months, concentrating all those sensations which will then burst forth from the glass.

Food Pairing

We particularly recommend pairing it with liver pâté, aged pecorino cheese with honey or, as it is traditionally drunk, with Tuscan biscuits.


Trebbiano Toscano, Canaiolo Nero

Zone Of Production

Chianti Classico


350 - 500 m (1.150 – 1.800 ft.) above sea level

Type Of Land

Schist and sandstone marl

Breeding system

Spurred cordon and Chianti Arch

Sensory Profile

It is an attractive amber in appearance, with plenty of orangey highlights: its very color and viscosity seem to give an indication of its richness. On the nose, a whole series of positive and powerful sensations invite us to taste it: alcohol, oak, honey and a fresh, acidulous vein, hint at its austere strength. On the palate, we find the same precise and assertive sensations we observed on the nose.

Period Of Harvest

25th September – 15th October


14,00 % vol.

Temperature Of Service

8 - 10 °C (46 - 50 °F)

Suggested Glass

A small tulip-shaped glass for dessert wines

Lamole di Lamole Vinsanto del Chianti

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione
Vigneto di Campolungo


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