Chianti Classico



Temperature-controlled fermentation (at 26 °C; 79 °F) lasts for around 20 days, with pumping over in an open vat during the initial phase; the malolactic fermentation takes place immediately after the alcoholic one. This is followed by a long period of maturation (around 2 years) in new French oak barrels.

Food Pairing

The palate’s sangiovese-driven tannic thrust and austerity make this a perfect match for very flavoursome dishes, such as juicy, strongly fragrant meat-based preparations or furred and feathered game of all kinds.


Sangiovese, Canaiolo

Zone Of Production

Chianti Classico


350 - 500 m (1.150 – 1.800 ft.) above sea level

Type Of Land

Schist and sandstone marl

Breeding system

Spurred Codon and Chianti Arch

Sensory Profile

On the Nose it gradually unfurls flowers, fruit, spice and gunflint in an intriguingly absorbing array of earthly wide-ranging aromatics. Sangiovese’s austere tannins are firmly in the traditional mould, underpinning progression on the subtly nuanced but very centred palate, which combines warmth, freshness, savouriness and minerality.

Period Of Harvest

5th October – 15th October


13,50 % vol

Temperature Of Service

18 - 20 °C (64 - 68 °F)

Suggested Glass

A large glass, narrowing at the rim

Chianti Classico Riserva: technical details and pairings

Blue Label
Chianti Classico


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