Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG

Chianti Classico
Gran Selezione
Vigneto di Campolungo



Its lively aromas backed up by a vigorous and dynamic structure, seductive tannins and a refreshing twist make this wine the ideal complement to important, complex dishes that require a wine capable of enhancing the food by setting off the quality of the raw materials and of the skilful preparation which, in turn, enhance the wine.  


Meat is undoubtedly this wine's favourite "hunting ground", in particular game (wild boar and various ungulates) and other very tasty meats such as mutton and lamb with strong fibres and marked aromas that must be tamed by a wine with an equally powerful personality. The combination of this wine with very mature, hard cheeses can produce unexpected sensations. 

Chianti Classico  Gran Selezione Vigneto di Campolungo

Vinsanto del Chianti


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Chianti Classico
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