Chianti Classico Etichetta blu DOCG

Chianti Classico
Blue Label



The distinctive odour and  flavour of this wine, featuring a velvety structure and an almost “exotic” aroma with notes of mature fruit and spices, make it the ideal companion of dishes that require a delicate yet bold character to liven up food and boost sensations. 


These include traditional Italian seafood soups such as “brodetto” or “cacciucco”, featuring a consistency and temperature that call for a bold red wine rather than a fresh white one, or pasta dishes served with hot or spicy sauces.  This wine is excellent with grilled pork, sausages and cured meats but is also ideal with medium mature cheeses.

Chianti Classic Blue Label

Chianti Classico
Gran Selezione
Vigneto di Campolungo


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